Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chuck the Writer with New Article in upcoming RoadKing

As soon as the link is made available, I'll post it here -but here's the deal.

About two months ago, I got a tip about an open-air museum in Hillsborough, New Hampshire - Dick Kemp's Truck Museum. Dick Kemp passed on a couple of years ago, but hundreds of Mack Trucks and Sterlings and Dodges and Buffalo Springfields are all still on his property and still available for viewing. I took photos at the site, interviewed some of Kemp's close friends, and the article will appear in the next issue of RoadKing, which is scheduled for print on the first of March.

RoadKing is a free publication, available at all TravelCenters of America truck stops throughout the United States; the articles are also available at http://www.roadking.com. I've written for RoadKing for the past six years, and it's one of my favorite publications - it allows me to write articles about travel, car culture, and other fun things. It's the publication that helped me win my first competitive writing award, and they've always been in my corner when it comes to ideas for new articles here and there.

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