Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chuck the Writer and the new articles on RoadKing

See that truck over on the right? That's part of my brand new article for RoadKing, "Tears For a Bulldog," which was just published this week. I traveled to Hillsborough, New Hampshire, where a local resident had collected over 100 different trucks, haulers, pavers, plows, bulldozers, etc. Click on the link above and read the article.

Actually, you can read two articles. This month's edition of RoadKing also contains "Good Vibrations," the story of the rise of electric football games. It's similar to an article I wrote for Toy Collector some time ago, and was a lot of fun to write.

Speaking of Toy Collector, don't forget to read my article on hockey icon and collectible figurine Peter Puck, and all the collectible toys, games and goodies associated with this little vulcanized chunk of rubber.

Yes, the old Chuckster's been busy of late... what with PBL road trips and magazine articles and the like. But it's fun. Keeps me out of trouble.

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