Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chuck the Writer sends more records to Goodwill

Two more crates of albums are now at the local Goodwill. I rescued a few recordings (anything with Dragon on it stays; I found an autographed copy of Din's "Great Traditions" that has special meaning for me), but the lion's share is now being picked through by bargain hunters.

This morning I boxed up another crateload of 45's, going through and transferring anything that I might want to listen to in the future to an .mp3 format. Surprisingly, I found a US stock copy of "Makin' Time" by the Creation, which is some serious freakbeat (albeit the copy is about a C+ with some scuffs and the owner's name written on both sides of the label). Also pulled out Buckner and Garcia's "Pac-Man Fever" (the original version has never been released on CD or iTunes), Fred Knoblock's "Why Not Me" (which is going into my "Armor-Plated Heart" collection of songs I want to hear when I'm depressed beyond belief), and a bluesy version of "Sail On Sailor" by a 70's all-star group called KGB with lyrics that don't match the Beach Boys' hit. Nice stuff.

Also on the rescue block - "Benihana" by Marilyn Chambers on Roulette (yes, THAT Marilyn Chambers, proving that between her and Andrea True, there are no adult movie actresses that can sing), the mix of "Billie Jean" and "Do It Again" by Club House (somewhere I've got the Slingshot version that was actually the bigger hit in America, but I gotta find it), "Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)" by the Icicle Works, a 7" of "Breakdown" by Colourbox, and "I Can Dance (Long Tall Glasses)" by the Canadian group Shooter. Sweet.

All in all, my goal of clearing out what I don't need is progressing nicely. I think the only party who has an issue with me lugging boxes of heavy records off to Goodwill is my lower back.

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D357Smith said...

I'm glad to see you're keeping your Dragon records...but most people just call Daryl "The Captain".