Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chuck the Writer Waits for News on "The Altamont Four"

The Altamont Fair just opened up.

Among all the agrarian and entertainment exhibits at the fairgrounds is a Fine Arts pavilion, where four of my photographs are on display, in competition with other photographers from the Capital Region.

Last Sunday, while I was at the Louis Saunders basketball tournament, a co-worker and friend of mine from the day job dropped off the four framed photographs for the competition.

I still don't know if any of them won or placed or showed or even received honorable mention ribbons. Yet.

So if anybody's going in that direction and happens to stop by the Fine Arts Building on the Altamont Fairgrounds and sees anything that looks like one of my pictures with a nice big ribbon or award attached to it... please hit me up?

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D357 said...

I saw your pics...they're in the Price Chopper Pavilion being judged by some guy from Keveney...Good Luck!