Friday, September 26, 2008

Chuck the Writer and the Elbo Room Trivia Touranment - Week 4

My one-man wrecking crew team, "Street Academy," picked up another point for finishing in third place in the Elbo Room Trivia Tournament, so Week 4 is in the books. Two other teams garnered first and second, so I actually gained a point on everybody else.

So here's the standings in Elbo Room's tournament as of today:
  • STREET ACADEMY - 9 points
  • Woo Hoo a Go Go - 6
  • Tres Hombres - 5
  • Big Red Machine - 5
  • Mayhem - 4
  • Stern Fans - 3
  • Donna Martin Graduates - 3
  • 40 oz. Bounce 1
Since the top eight teams get into the tournament, I'm aiming for a goal of 20 points in the preliminaries, that would certainly secure me a spot. Then all I have to do is go into the finals and do my best. That's all anyone can ask.

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Anonymous said...

Still in 3rd and we didn't even have to show up. Nice. How long does this thing run?