Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chuck the Writer and the Schaefer Beer Clock

Replaced the light in the beer clock last night - but the light wouldn't go on. So now we've got some other issues with the beer clock light - and this will now involve a higher power than me.

That higher power would be Lake Electronics in nearby Colonie.

I took the beer clock over there this morning, they're going to replace the plug and cord (which really needs it, part of it is being held on by aging, brittle electrical tape), and they're also going to check out the power switch. If they can't get the light to activate after that, that's all they can do - they told me that they can't replace the power transformer, and it would be dangerous to put another type of light source in there, as a different type of heat or light would melt the plastic or start a fire.

So the Schaefer Beer Clock is now in the hands of Lake Electronics, I'll see what they can do to bring this baby back to life.

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