Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chuck the Writer and the Elbo Room Trivia Tournament

Another week, another point for my Street Academy one man wrecking crew team. Things didn't start out well for me, I messed up on which patriot's statue stands in front of Faneuil Hall (I said Paul Revere, it was John Adams), and I didn't know the most populous city in the most populous nation (I said Beijing, it was actually Shanghai), but as the game progressed I was able to nail some other questions. and in the end, when the final category was "Halls of Fame," I played conservatively, heard the question, kicked myself because I knew the answer cold (who inducted Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), and eventually picked up a third-place finish and another standings point.

Currently this means I'm tied with the Big Red Machine for the #1 seed, and the top 8 teams get into the final championship trivia session.

So here are the standings, the top 8 teams in green:

  • Big Red Machine - 18 points
  • STREET ACADEMY - 18 points (+1 for third place)
  • Mayhem - 14 points
  • Woo Hoo a Go Go - 13 (+3 for second place)
  • Beer Addled Brains - 11 (+5 for 1st place)
  • Brown Van Experience - 6
  • Tres Hombres - 5
  • Stern Fans - 4
  • Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear - 3
  • Donna Martin Graduates - 3
  • Clay Aiken's Skidmarks - 3
  • 40 oz. Bounce 1

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