Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chuck the Writer Endorses Delkin ExpressCard CF Reader

For a photographer who needs to get his photographs transferred from camera to laptop, I've run into several obstacles. Mostly involving the transfer from my CompactFlash cards to a device that can be plugged into my laptop.

I own a Sony Vaio lapper, which already has slots for SD/MMC cards, so that's good. But CompactFlash cards, which fit in my Nikon D70 camera, are much bigger than SD/MMC slots, and today's standalone CF card readers are either bundled to accept 35 other minicard formats, or are so flimsy that the pins bend once you put a CF card in (rendering the reader useless). At one point during a project, I had to connect a USB cable directly from my camera to the computer, and even THAT took forever to transfer the photos.

However, I may have found an end-around that not only will get my photos tranferred, but will do so at a much faster speed.

My laptop has a slot for ExpressCard functions - i.e., a wireless network card. The computer accessory company Delkin (no I didn't mistype Belkin) has created an ExpressCard 34mm card reader that will accept CompactFlash card media.

Here's what it looks like:

The CF card fits in that large slot, and the whole unit gets slapped into the ExpressCard slot in my computer laptop. The transfer speed is like lightning compared to the USB ports on my lapper, and the device fits snug and safe in my laptop bag when not in use (as opposed to the bulky CF card readers I've used in the past).

The Delkin ExpressCard 34 UDMA CompactFlash Adapter gets the Chuck Miller seal of approval; I currently use this product and will continue to do so.

To order your own Delkin ExpressCard 34 UDMA CompactFlash Adapter for your laptop computer, click on this link.

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