Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chuck the Writer and the Pontiac 6000

So I've got my final PBL road trip of the season, going to Rochester Sunday for the PBL finals between the Rochester Razorsharks and the Battle Creek Knights, one game, winner takes all.

And in order to make sure there weren't any issues with me getting to the finals, I had my Pontiac 6000 over at DePaula Chevrolet for its annual NYS inspection.

Well... during the three-month season, with all my road trips to Montreal and Quebec and New Hampshire and Vermont and Rochester and Buffalo, I subjected my car to two oil changes, a transmission fluid change, headlight replacement and about three "little tree" air fresheners.

But when I took the car to my dealership for its inspection, apparently there were a few other things that needed to be taken care of. Like a coolant leak. And a transmission fluid leak. And a water pump replacement. And a blower fan replacement. Oh hell, I just threw in a pair of windshield wipers to make the day complete.

Bottom line - the car still runs, and I'm not giving it up any time soon. Yeah, it would have been SO nice to trade in the 6000 and walk out of there with may be a canary yellow '04 GTO with black racing stripes. But in this economy, can I really afford to purchase a new car?

Especially when my old car still runs, and just needs minor maintenance here and there?

And like I've said in the past - it's a Pontiac, manufactured in a factory in Oklahoma City by men and women earning a union wage and providing for their families. Better that I keep this car running and operational, than turn around and make car payments on a new vehicle.

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