Monday, December 15, 2008

Chuck the Writer's Long National Freezing Nightmare Is Over

Power has been restored to the Miller household.

I would do the dance of joy, but I can't move my frozen muscles.

Damage assessment - all the food in the freezers and fridges must now be discarded. Also, my ViewSonic monitor got fried from the blackout and is now a piece of junk; I ended up going to Circuit City and picking up a Samsung T190 monitor and swapping it in.

I also discovered that at one point, I was sleeping in a house that was as cold as 45 degrees. Holy meat locker, Batman. The temperature's rising now, I've got the heating system in the house going at full blast, and we're up to at least the mid-50's.

I don't want to go through another week like this ever again. EVER.

If I had enough cash, I'd move to Miami right now. Until a hurricane hits - at which point I'll kvetch about moving back to Albany.

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