Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chuck the Writer recalls rare TV kids' shows from the past

Trolling around YouTube this afternoon and came across video clips of some shows from back in ancient times:

This was Jabberwocky, a children's TV show that I used to watch when I visited my grandmother in Boston. Apparently the show only aired in the Boston area, and it had a catchy theme song that I still can't get out of my head today.

I suppose every major city had their own regional children's broadcast programs, so if you weren't a fan of Jabberwocky, you could always switch over to WBZ and see Rex Trailer and the gang on the children's western show Boomtown. Not much on the show on YouTube, but there is this tribute clip that has some classic footage:

Among the children's programs from the 1970's that aired on my local PBS station was this offering, "Vegetable Soup," whose entire show focused on racial tolerance and the stamping out of prejudice. Plus it had a cool psychedelic funky opening theme song, as seen here:

Another cool show from the 1970's was Big Blue Marble, which focused on international relations, featuring stories about children of all nations and nationalities. I wonder if the same people who composed the theme song for this show also put together that "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" commercial for Coca-Cola.

And last but certainly not least, a real gem of a television show, Vision On, featured 30 minutes of activities and funnies and great stuff - all designed to be seen by both hearing-impaired and able-bodied children!

Feel free to post your own memories of obscure children's programs from the 1970's. Really fun stuff.

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