Friday, June 12, 2009

Okay, Chuck forgot about ZOOM

Okay, so I forgot about those rugby-shirt-wearing kids from Boston who were part of PBS's classic show ZOOM.

Here's a clip from the very first episode of ZOOM, complete with the WGBH intro:

Here's a clip from the second year of ZOOM, featuring Bernadette Yao doing that weird butterfly thing with her arms (at around 0:37 on the clip):

This is a clip from Season 5's intro:

And for those of you who complain about a PBS show not being 100% educational, let me remind you that ZOOM was one of the few PBS shows to feature bilingualism. So if you ever want to say you can speak Ubbi-Dubbi, here's your chance for a refresher course...

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Lazygal said...

It was uPPy-duPPy when my mother learned it (in Newton, in the 30s-40s). I wonder how many other "foreign" languages have regional variants?