Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chuck the Writer is now ready for the $2000 Elbo Room Finals

Okay, it's now official. My one-man team, "Street Academy," is listed as the #2 seed for the 2009 Elbo Room $2000 Trivia Finals. The top eight teams make it into the finals, which is essentially these eight squads:
  1. Big Red Machine
  2. Street Academy
  3. Woo Hoo A Go Go
  4. Stern Fans
  5. Mayhem
  6. Beer Addled Brains
  7. Tres Hombres
  8. Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear
  9. Brown Van Experience
  10. Donna Martin Graduates
  11. Clay Aiken's Skidmarks
  12. 40 oz. Bounce
Those teams in green have qualified for next Thursday's finals.

Realistically, if I don't know the information now, I won't know it next week. I just hope that I DO know the information that will be asked.

I'm not even going to say what I would do should I actually win. Don't want to jinx myself, you know, counting the cameras before I've shot the photos.

Just wish me luck.

I'm going to need it.

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