Friday, January 2, 2009

Chuck the Writer Visits Kemp's Truck Museum

This is part of an upcoming article for RoadKing, so I'm not going to spill too many beans in this post. That being said, I spent last weekend driving up to Hillsborough, New Hampshire, for the specific purpose of investigating the remnants of a huge truck collection, assembled over the past forty years as a way-cool open-to-the-public attraction.

I was able to interview people involved in the truck museum as it was being assembled, and who are currently in the preparation stages of the proper dispensation of the collection now that its owner, Richard Kemp, passed away.

I was actually amazed by the number of trucks on the property, and had a blast taking photographs of everything from snow plows to bulldozers, hauling trucks and bread trucks and steam shovels and pavers. Really fun stuff.

This was also a personal milestone in that my 1991 Pontiac 6000, which suffered through the "Pep Boys thought it was an ignition module but it was really the fuel injectors" issue back in November, finally passed the test and was able to naviage successfully out of the 518 area code without any trouble at all. In other words... I think I got my car back in shape.

I was also very proud of one of the lenses from my camera collection. My Kenko 180-degree fisheye lens, which I normally leave in the bag because I have to attach it to another lens, then do some funky adjustments to even get a decent photo out of it, stepped up to the plate and got me this great shot.

And finally, I was able to naviage through the Franklin Pierce Highway using my Tomtom One, without losing any signal or reception. This is light years ahead of the absolutely crappy service I received from Verizon's VZ Navigator, which couldn't handle traveling through the White Mountains without completely crapping out and leaving me with no cell phone reception and no signal for the VZ Navigator to use. So major props to Tomtom, Kenko, and the team at DePaula Chevrolet for getting my Pontiac 6000 back into long distance driving shape!

And you can all look forward to the upcoming RoadKing that will feature this article... really great stuff!

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That is a nice shot with the fisheye lens. Cool stuff, man.