Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chuck the Writer returns from the PBL road trip

Yawn. Sunday morning. Up and at'em, rise and shine.

Got out of bed at the Days Inn in Montreal Centre-Ville, and immediately wanted to climb back in bed - it was just that cold. Nevertheless, I packed up, rebundled myself, and headed for a 4 1/2 hour trip to Manchester, New Hampshire for the PBL's Sunday afternoon contest between Manchester and Quebec.

Lots of blowing snow along Provincial Highway 15 to reach the Quebec-Vermont border, then more travel down I-89 to I-93. Drove through the Franconia Notch, and saw a sign for the Old Man of the Mountain historical site. Sad to know that there is no more old man of the mountain, except on the backs of New Hampshire state quarters.

Kept on driving, and eventually reached Southern New Hampshire University, home of the Penmen. I wonder if their cheerleading teams are known as the Ballpoints... but I digress.

Good solid game, the Millrats really took the Kebs all the way from first tipoff to final buzzer.

In fact, here's some photos from the game.

No, I didn't find any catwalks at SNHU, but I did find several levels of balcony to shoot from. Will definitely return to SNHU for future games.

Then it was another 3 1/2 hour drive back home. By the way, my "books on tape" series that got me through this entire trip from Albany to Montreal to Manchester to Albany was the Game of Shadows tome about Barry Bonds and the BALCO steroid scandals. Definitely a good book.

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