Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chuck the Writer Regains First Place in the Elbo Room Trivia Tournament

With three weeks left until the final eight teams play in the one-night playoff, I'm pretty much set for the tourney. But I want to go in as the #1 seed. And this week, I was able to regain my top spot in the Elbo Roon Trivia Tournament, picking up a second-place win tonight (and its concomitant three points) to regain top seed overall. Not like it makes any difference, you don't get bonus points in the final week for being the #1 seed or the #8 seed. You do, however, get to play... which is more than the #9 seed will get. Tres Hombres returned and picked up 5 points; Stern Fans and Woo Hoo a Go Go tied for third and will split a point.

With three weeks go to, the teams in green are locked in. Teams in yellow are on the bubble; teams in red are on the outside looking in. So where are the scores? Here are the scores:

  1. Street Academy - 25 points (+3)
  2. Woo Hoo A Go Go - 23 1/2 points (+ 1/2)
  3. Big Red Machine - 22 points
  4. Stern Fans - 18 1/2 points (+ 1/2)
  5. Beer Addled Brains - 15 points
  6. Mayhem - 14 points
  7. Tres Hombres - 10 points (+5)
  8. Brown Van Experience - 6 points
  9. Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear - 3 points
  10. Donna Martin Graduates - 3 points
  11. Clay Aiken's Skidmarks - 3 points
  12. 40 oz. Bounce - 1 point
So the only team that could still get mathematically eliminated would be the Brown Van Experience, but they would have to have a major swoon and one of the four "red" teams need to get hot quickly. Tres Hombres is still mathematically not out of the woods, but one of the red teams would have to take first place twice in a row AND the Brown Van Experience would have to pick up two second-place wins to knock Hombres completely out. So it's safe to say Hombres will remain at least the #7 seed for now.

Ironic thing, though ... Clay Aiken's Skidmarks had a chance to pick up a point for third place, they had the right answer and bet it all.

Oh wait... they thought they bet it all, but one of their teammates actually changed their "all" bet to a "one point" bet. And since the question was about 6 levels of easy (Until 2001, what Eastern city has a morning newspaper called the Constitution?), everybody nailed it - meaning that if the original "all" bet were allowed to stand, the Skidmarks would have been in the money.

It's not over yet.

For me ... I can relax for a change. Put my feet up.

Less stress for me.

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D357 said...

Dear sons,
I've known you since you were leaving skidmarks in your diapies. Since I know better than anyone how smart you aren't and how tiny your testicles actually are I thought it was for the best that we not actually step up and wager all our points against teams that are so much smarter. We'll just save our rollover minutes.
And always remember...if you're going to go to bars and drink at night...bring your mommy to drive you home safely and tuck you in.
- C.A. Skidmom