Friday, May 1, 2009

Chuck the Writer Enters a New Trivia Competition

True story.

Last year, the Recovery Room Sports Bar in Albany offered super-swank NY Giants and NY Jets tower suite tickets for the high scorer in trivia on their Wednesday Night trivia nights. So for six weeks, I was the team to beat, nailing three first-place wins and three sets of box seats.

Then one day I go into Recovery Room and the assistant manager says, "You're not allowed to win any more. It's not fair for anyone else. If you win, you will not be given the tickets. However, we will consider comping your bar tab if you win."

That was a kick in the face that still hurts to this day. I was being treated like a Las Vegas card counter - being kept away from the big prize because I was just too damn good at what I do. On the positive side, it allowed me to go to another bar (Brown's Brewing) and kick tush in trivia over there.

Now comes word that Graney's is offering four-packs of Yankees tickets for the monthly winners of trivia at their location. I checked my schedule. Monday nights are free for me. I checked with Graney's. They will allow a team of "one" to win tickets if they have the smarts to do so.

I've played at Graney's before, the food's decent. And the opportunity to see Yankees games without having to hear the nails-on-chalkboard voices of John Sterling or Suzyn Waldman sounds like a swank deal.

Let's see how this turns out.

Besides ... if I win the tickets... it will be the sweetest revenge for the way I was treated at Recovery Room.

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