Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chuck the Writer tries his hand at HDR photography

So after I got my latest lens for the collection (a Russian Kiev Mir-20H fisheye), I took it out for a little test this morning.

And by test, I mean that I included a brand new attempt at photography. I had read about this "HDR photography," otherwise known as High Dynamic Range Imaging. I can't use it for sports photography, in that I have to take several shots from the same exact location - making sure that some of the shots are overexposed and some are underexposed - and then digitally blend them together into what you see here, a shot of the old RCA building with Nipper on top. The difference here is that you see the contrast of the building against the blue-white sky, which does look rather impressive.

I took some other shots in the HDR format, including St. James Church on Delaware Avenue and the old Third District Police Station in Albany's North End. I kinda like this style of photography... I may want to experiment with it more - as long as everything (like the buildings and such) stay still when I'm shooting. I don't think it would work if a basketball player was going up for a slam dunk.

If you want to see the other photos I took, click here and enjoy.

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