Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chuck the Writer Wins Trivia for Cancer Relief

Ed DerGurahian is a friend of mine from back in the days when both of us worked for the Albany Patroons (Ed dressed up as Lido, the Patroons' panda-costumed mascot). Ed and his fiancee, along with some of his friends, also play trivia as the team "A Few Cards Short of a Deck," mostly playing at McGeary's in downtown Albany.

Ed asked if I would like to play at a special "Relay for Life" cancer trivia tournament at the North Albany American Legion post Wednesday night, and despite it being my night for Brown's Brewing trivia, I figured at least I would show up, participate, make a decent showing for myself, and go home. Plus, it was a fundraiser to help find a cure for cancer, so it would be a $10 buy-in, a few dollars for some 50/50 raffle tickets, and the like. Plus, the winning team would receive $250 in cash.

I made it to the American Legion post, and was there when Ed and his team showed up. We shared a table in the Legion post's meeting hall. Other teams showed up, including the two-man "Sky Hawk" squad that often plays at Uno (like Ed's team and myself, "Sky Hawk" was one of the tough teams to beat when there was Tuesday night trivia at Albany's Hooters).

Questions came in fast and strong, and I started out slow. I used my double-chance option early (write down two answers to a question, if right, receive the points, if wrong lose DOUBLE the points) on what ocean Christmas Island may be found. I chose Atlantic and Pacific, apparently it was the Indian Ocean - whoops.

But after that I snagged several tough questions, including the major league baseball team who first played at Huntington Grounds (the Boston Red Sox); the director of the remake of Psycho (Gus Van Sant), the two highest Yankees retired numbers (44 for Reggie Jackson and 49 for Ron Guidry) - and by the end of 19 questions I had a comfortable lead.

Final question - Cable television.

What cable network began in 1988 with a broadcast of the film Gone With the Wind?

Figured it had to be a Ted Turner property, so that made it either TNT or Turner Classic Movies. And since I thought Turner Classic Movies came about so that there would be no commercial interruptions, which apparently were the norm for TNT, I went with TNT.

And was right.

And won $250 (minus $50, which I gave back to the cancer fundraising people). WHEE!!

There were several door prizes handed out - Ed and his team won some prizes, and Frank from the "Sky Hawk" team also won a raffle.

The 50/50 raffle, however, was won by our intrepid trivia host Baker - who promptly handed the proceeds back to the cancer society fundraisers.

In the end, the fundraiser garnered about $850 on the night, a sizeable and quality amount. And a good time was had by all who attended.

Plus... I'm now $200 closer to getting the camera of my dreams. YAY!

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