Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chuck the Writer Takes the Lead at Graney's Trivia

Thanks to knowing such minutiae as the third-largest city in Mississippi (Hattiesburg), and the three Van Halen albums comprised of either numbers or phoenetics (1984, OU812, 5150), I was able to finish Round 2 of Graney's Monday Night Trivia with a sizeable run. Another team, "That's What She Said," was nearly perfect, but they missed one of the VH albums.

I needed to clarify with the bar owners regarding if a team could win multiple times, they stated one set of tickets per team for the summer. I appreciate them letting me know about this now, kinda wish the Recovery Room could have done that.

So here's what Week 2 looks like after 19 questions:
  • Street Academy - 238 pts
  • That's What She Said - 210 pts
  • Baba Ghanoush - 186 pts
  • The Dragons - 174 pts
In other words... Street Academy IS NOW IN THE LEAD with two weeks left!

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