Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chuck the Writer starts out strong at Graney's Trivia

Well, my first night of the four-week Monday night trivia competition at Graney's Tavern worked out pretty well. Your man nailed question after question like Earl Anthony nailed strike after strike, having known such answers as the horror film that was Johnny Depp's debut film appearance (Nightmare on Elm Street), the singer whose 1996 debut album was called Tidal (Fiona Apple, natch) and who was People Magazine's sexiest man of the year for 2008 (Hugh Jackman, how easy was that). Had I known Matt Damon's and Ben Affleck's character names in the Ocean's Eleven series (I knew George Clooney was Danny Ocean, drew a blank on the others) or the birth state of the Jonas Brothers (who knew they were from New Jersey), I would have finished with the lead. As it is, I'm currently tied for third place.

The prize? Four swank choice tickets for a New York Yankees home game in their new multizillion dollar home park. Just like the Saratoga Trivia Tournament in the summer, each team's cumulative scores are taken after question #19; those totals will count toward the big prize four weeks from now.

So here's my competition and where everybody ranks at the moment.

  • Crappily Married - 120 pts
  • The Dragons - 114 pts
  • Street Academy - 108 pts
  • Baba Ghanoush - 108 pts
  • Mensapause - 96 pts
  • That's What She Said - 52 pts
  • Pussy Pizza Santa - 38 pts
  • Whack-a-Moles - 30 pts
  • Beat Farmers - 30 pts
Only 12 points off the lead, with three weeks to go. This is going to be fun...

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